Blog Posts in 2015

  • How Can I Prevent Losing My New York Driver's License if I Owe Back Taxes?

    || 5-Aug-2015

    New York drivers could face license suspension if they opt out of paying back taxes that total more than $10,000. More than 7,000 driver’s licenses had been suspended because of a law that was implemented in 2013 to encourage New Yorkers to stay on top of their taxes. Close to $60 million has been generated from the license suspensions of delinquent taxpayers. The Consequences of Back Taxes ...
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  • Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    || 16-Jun-2015

    Bankruptcy may carry a stigma to some people but in most cases it is a way for individuals to regain their financial footing without losing all their property. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows individuals with steady income to create a repayment and reorganization plan for all or part of their debts. A Chapter 13 Plan is either three or five years, and as long as you don’t exceed the Chapter 13 ...
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    || 5-Mar-2015

    The short answer is no, you are not obligated to have a lawyer in order to file for bankruptcy in New York. On the other hand, when dealing with an issue of such legal and financial significance, and where you may lose assets if you don’t understand the law, it can be worth it to hire an attorney to advise and guide you through the process. What would I have to do to file by myself? Filing ...
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