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Millions of Americans suffer from the crushing weight of student loan debt. If you are among those struggling to stay atop of your payments, there may be some solutions for you. I am Natasha Meruelo, a White Plains bankruptcy attorney, and I've helped many clients overcome their student loan debt.

My practice is dedicated to assisting clients like you eliminate or reduce their financial burdens. With nearly 10 years of experience and a sharp attention to detail, I can provide honest and straightforward answers to help you stay on top of your student loan payments.

Westchester County Bankruptcy Lawyer for Student Loan Debt

Defaulting on student loans can be worrisome, which can result in wage garnishments, legal actions by your lenders, and asset seizure. You may lose your tax refunds, have your wages garnished, or have money in your bank account seized. You are not only going up against private creditors, but also the government when it comes to federal student loans, which has powerful resources to force payments out of you.

With the assistance of my firm's unique, personalized services, we can work together to achieve a favorable resolution. While student loans are not easily discharged, there are ways that you could ease the financial burden of student loans and lower your payments.

I can evaluate your unique circumstances and counsel you on your student loan debt relief options, including:

  • Reducing monthly student loan payments
  • Strategies to get you out of default
  • Defending you against creditor lawsuits
  • Eliminating your federal student payments entirely if your adjusted gross income is low enough

Of course, each individual's situation is different, and having my Westchester County bankruptcy firm on your side can help make all of the difference in the outcome of your case.

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Are you interested in learning more about your rights as a borrower, or how you can free yourself from the crushing weight of student loans? I encourage you to retain the assistance of my firm as soon as possible.

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* This is Attorney Advertising. Natasha Meruelo, Esq., designated as a Federal Debt Relief Agent by an Act of Congress and the President of the United States, proudly assists consumers seeking relief under the US Bankruptcy Code. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome; see attached- 342b and 527a/b .

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